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How often should I use Eye gold Mask ?

you should use it 2-3 times per week 



How often should i use lip mask ?

Lip mask is always recommended 2 times in summer and 3 times in winter time  


What is the quality of Face masks ?

all our face masks has natural ingredient to insure the highest result   .



How to choose the right Mask for my skin ?

our face masks works with all skin types as it is works for repair skin cells from the routs .



do you have pay on delivery option ?

yes we provide you several ways to pay by bank card on the web or pay on delivery 



Do Bunny have a return policy or exchange policy?

yes we have exchange policy , just send us a message on Instagram or Facebook and we will call you to arrange it 


How do I make an Exchange/Return?

you can send us message on social media or our web form and we will arrange with you 



How long does shipping usually take?

2-3 days in Hungary or Dubai 


How may I contact you?

drop us a message on social media or send us an email to