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More Than a  Box

Why Bunny ?

Bunny Beauty is offering you only cruelty free products. These amazing makeup accessories will help you discover your beauty in a fast and easy way. At Bunny Beauty we are working hard to provide you the most creative and innovative products that can make makeup process fast and much more easy. 

At Bunny Beauty we love and support nature and animals. That is why we do not use products that have been tasted on animals.

Earth would be a better place if we all lived as partners with all the miracles nature has given us. Wonder through our page and find, that we will always surprise you from makeup brushes to cosmetics

Pick Your Shade

Before & After


Choose the best quality product from Bunny Beauty, and enjoy the confidence and happiness it gives you. All the makeup accessories you see on Instagram and Facebook, now can be yours.

What You Say About Us

best makeup brushes i have ever seen

Dori S

“So natural and easy to use” 

Product: Eye gold mask 

Laura G. 

“Highest quality hair” 

Product: unicorn set 5 

kinga  h.